What is a Dedicated Server

dedicated server is just like a regular computer, the only exeption is that its hardware components are a lot more advanced and sophisticated by far. dedicated server needs to be stored on a special place called "data center", data center provides all the necessary environmental conditions like high voltage high internet speed (upload) and very important, temperature and humidity controlled cabinets of the storage provider designed to provide computing services which are stronger than average.
Dedicated server has different type of software installed on it, this software designed specifically to handle the dedicated server advanced hardware and run complex processes easily. it's not that easy to operate a Dedicated Server,it requires strong technical knowledge in the field of computer and communications, infrastructure, hardware and software and wiring of course.

Structure and configurations of dedicated server

A rack unit, U or RU as a unit of measure describes the height of electronic equipment designed to mount in a 19-inch rack or a 23-inch rack. The 19 inches (482.60 mm) or 23 inches (584.20 mm) dimension reflects the width of the equipment mounting-frame in the rack including the frame; the width of the equipment that can be mounted inside the rack is less. One rack unit is 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) high.

While the rack unit describes the height (or number of Units) for both 19" and 23" wide racks, it is 19" wide racks that are most commonly used for computer equipment, which is usually 17.25" (438 mm) wide (and placing it into a 23" wide Racks would waste space). See 23" Racks for more information.

The storing Price depends on the amount of U size, that you want to store in the servers cabinet. As the height rises, it reflects directly on the costs, since the server requires more cooling, more power, and more physical space in the cabinet.

Dedicated servers exists in several size and configurations:

1U, 2U, 3U, 4U. 4U server is just like your home computer (TOWER size). Servers cabinets are designed to store U servers and manufactured in configurations of 40U to 44U, so your able to store 40 U servers in one server cabinet of 40U.

Who needs a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are being used mainly by businesses and advanced websites applications which require high volumes of bandwidth or system power.
It is recommended to get advice from a WEBSTUFF israel expert when selecting hardware our experts will assist you to select the best solution for your technical specifications.

what are the advantages of a private dedicated server

  • Maximum security - Dedicated servers are just like a suit tailored super computer which meets your demands and security needs.
  • Optimal performance - All hardware components are dedicated exclusively for your use only, so the entire server force can be dedicated to achieve your goal.
  • Customizable Installation / Configuration - you can install any component, application, or software which your server needs and supports.
  • Unlimited web traffic - Private Dedicated server is not limited in monthly traffic like Shared Hosting.

The disadvantages of a dedicated server

- the main dedicated servers disadvantage is the cost of acquisition. The cost of a dedicated server is much higher than the cost of virtual servers (VPS) or web hosting by far.
Maintaining a Dedicated server requires highly technical understanding in the field of ​​computers and servers so you better have that before you walk through this road.

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